We will try to answer questions as they come up so check back here when you get a chance and see what has changed.

  • Do you already own the land or have it tied up is some other way?

No, under the terms of the Master Development Agreement (MDA) between the City of Austin and Catellus, the Master Developer, until Catellus sees plans for the property and determines that the developer is financially capable of finishing the job the land is available to anyone who can put those pieces together.

  • Is there a site development plan filed for the site?

Nothing has been filed at this point. We are told that it will take 6-9 months to put the pieces together and get them approved by the City of Austin.

  • How much will the project cost?

We have estimates ranging from $80 million to $159 million. Some of the difference is in how we plan to accommodate motor vehicles (parking) and what types of housing we offer.

  • Do you have a developer you are working with?

We are presently working with Southwest Strategies Group through Danny Roth and Marcel Garcia. Danny says he is the “Owners Representative.”

  • Why are you forming a non-profit and looking for a board of directors?

We will be approaching foundations and individuals to generate operating funds to put the plans together and eventually to take an equity position in the project. We have been advised that a non-profit will work better for this effort. We have also created a for profit LLC so we will have flexibility in the future.

  • It this a senior center?

Our intent is to be largely inter-generational with people of all ages and backgrounds in ONEderment Central. While we have plans for some building that will be similar in function to The Green House Project, buildings where people who need assistance in everyday living, rehabilitation or memory care can live, that will be a relative small part of the overall residential offering.

  • Do you have plans for Affordable Housing?

Mueller has a target of 25% affordable housing in the 80%-120% of MFI. Our goal is to exceed that target and also to include some housing that will be available at 30%-80% of the MFI. If we calculate the rates using 30% of a family’s income as a maximum housing expense, that means we need to have some units available for $500 per month.

  • Is there space for community events? 

One of the primary driving forces for the ONEderment Central concept is to provide many, varied spaces for community events for free or at a reasonable cost. The community group responsible for defining what is wanted/needed in this space came up with the following list which gives us a great start:

Art Classes: 1,200 sq ft classroom with storage
Cooking Classes: 1,200 sq ft kitchen/classrooms with storage
Child Care: 2,200 sq ft two rooms plus storage
Senior Activities: 1,200 sq ft one multifunctional room
Office Space: 2,500 sq ft reception, conference, cubicles and rest rooms
Commercial Kitchen: 1,000 double aisle arrangement
Meeting Space: 5,000 sq ft 250 person capacity, rest rooms, storage and lobby
Coffee Shop/Café: 1,000 sq ft shop and cafe space
  • Is there going to be a library in the development?

If not a library at least a place where people can use a computer, make copies and other “office” kinds of things. At a minimum, the project will have a place where books ordered from the library can be picked up and dropped off.

  • Where can I find out more about ONEderement Central?

We have a 40 page PDF book that we update frequently and you can download it under the menu item The Book above.

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