The Team

Multi-generational genius

Rob Corbett and Vani Singal working on the vision for this space.

Ani Colt, Joan Huntley, Rob Corbett, Vani Singal, Preston Tyree, David Overton, and Lynn Chavarria have all been intimately involved in the vision and creation of the materials.

Other people who have met with us and talked about some aspect of the vision of ONEderment Center include Danny Roth, Sinclair Black, Dave Stauch, Heyden Black Walker, Tom Mercer, Max and Abraham Ginsberg and Girard Kinney

People who have seen The Book include staff members from the offices of Mayor Adler, Council Members Tovo and Kitchen, Pam Hefner of the Office of Economic Development and of course our friends at Catellus, Greg Weaver, Ken Blaker and Brian Dolezal.

It is with great sorrow that we have to report that our great friend and amazing architect, Rob Corbett has passed away. His visions, drawings and wit will be long remembered.

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