Community House

Special gathering places that can serve residents of Greater East Austin and Mueller. Our intent is to have public/private space cooperatively owned/managed to provide or create a sense of ownership. The architecture of this space will be a draw to people from the surrounding neighborhoods.

  • In 2018, the Mueller Neighborhood Association (MNA) completed a survey with over 300 respondents. A primary desire identified was medium to large meeting spaces for groups of people doing diverse things. Book clubs, meditation, yoga, martial arts and dance were some of the activities mentioned. 
  • This space will include a shared commercial kitchen that can provide food for residents and neighbors and also provide food for parties, catered events and food trucks. 
  • We envision a multi-functional Café space near the kitchen with light food, coffee, wine, beer and possibly spirits. This would be a great place for students from ACC (Culinary School and Business Management) to intern.
  • A small satellite library can be adjacent to the meeting space. A separate work space containing tools and space for repair of small household appliance and bicycle/tricycle repair/maintenance. Cooperative space with small business providing handyman services in the community. A tool library will be in this space provides for check out of  hand tools and yard maintenance implements.
  • We also have planned a community garden where food crops and other plants can be grown.

The commercial kitchen is located so it serves the

  • Café: Multi-functional with coffee, wine, beer and spirits.
  • The Large-Multi Function room 
  • The work space/Trike’N Hub
  • Hotel and banquet space

Other possibilities:

  • Art Center and Galleries throughout all of ONEderment Central
  • Cooperative Nursery School/Child Care
  • Room to teach various martial arts, yoga, dance, etc.
  • Language Center and Cultural Exchange
  • Music Room
  • Meditation/Quiet Space which can also be used for teaching meditation etc,

The Grand Room for community meetings, dinner/banquets/weddings and more 

What are the needs this community space is designed to meet? 

Meets much of the Six Principles of Community: 

  • Fosters East Austin Revitalization: giving residents a direct stake in the redevelopment
  • Housing close to the ONEderment Community House (above or on adjacent properties), gives more housing choices and ways to offer affordability.
  • Is designed at a location within a block of three major current bus routes and where the light rail is planned to start on Berkman.

Help build community and add to the quality of life within Mueller and beyond

ONEderment Community House is located at Barbara Jorden & Berkman to imply that this space reaches far beyond Mueller, and indeed it can be the Neighborhood HUB diagonally across from Bartholomew Park. One can be hopeful that this may help raise the money and add interest to upgrade all of Bartholomew Park to the amazing standard set by the new pools. 

You can visit our presentation document, The Book


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