Living Space

Congregate Living
Common space makes co-housing attractive and desirable

Density delivered with more affordable and diverse living arrangements. 

Affordable (80 to 30% of MFI)
Market Rate

Apartments 1 and 2 bedroom.
Artist Lofts
Town Houses
Micro Living Space

Individual floors of the residential buildings will have mixed types of living arrangements. 

The following numbers are first estimates and do not necessarily represent the final plans for the residential space. 

  • 150 units 1 bedroom apartments
  • 86 units 2 bedroom apartments
  • 70 bedrooms in co-housing space
  • 72 bedrooms 12 suites
  • 43 artist lofts
  • 96 spaces in residential health care
  • Affordable spaces in the co-housing and suite units

Sources of information:

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Who will live here?

  • Many grandparents move to Mueller to be near their grandchildren, we expect to offer options that attract people moving to Austin from out of state
  • Families who members are resident in the health care facilities
  • People who work in the office spaces or one of the numerous retail shops.

Affordable by Design

  • By building smaller units with limited facilities for each person in a group setting it should be possible to deliver attractive housing for $500 per month. 
  • Artist lofts with limited living space but generous work and display space presents a chance for some of Austin’s finest to afford to live in Austin.
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