Working Space

Creative working space for millennials

One block, on the corner of Berkman and 51st Street, will have a residential health care building and an office building with four floors including 234,000 sq. ft. of prime office space. Other office and retail space is designed into each building in the project at ground level and on the garage level on 51st Street.

Ground level mixed use on all the building faces. 4 story office building with parking underneath

  • LEED Platinum buildings
  • Office building with a view of Bartholomew Park, designed for companies hiring millennials who appreciate an innovative space within walking distance of their homes and social gathering places. 

The following numbers are first estimates and do not necessarily represent the final plans for the working space. 

  • Office space is in two main categories, prime space in an office building with 144,000 sq ft on five floors and 79,200 sq ft in ground level store fronts. The ground level space will be flexible for use as offices, artists spaces or retail depending on demand.

Who will work here?

ONEderment Central expects to see many different types of jobs in this area. 

  • Executives
  • Technical Operators
  • Administrators
  • Service Workers
  • Landscapers
  • Maintenance
  • Artists. 

What are the needs this working space is designed to meet? 

Being on the edge of Town Center North, ONEderment Central will provide numerous opportunities for local residents/small business owners to interact with customers and clients. 

Artists will find live/work space in ONEderment Central in lofts and incubator space. Being a couple of blocks away from the Austin File Society facility creates a synergy that is not available readily in Austin.

You can visit our presentation document, The Book

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