Parking is designed to be re-purposed as the need for parking is reduced.

Parking will be situated one level underground and cover much of the 7.5 acre site. There are currently two entrance/exits envisioned both off of 51st Street near the center of the property. We allow 740 spaces for cars and one 60 x 540 footbay (facing 51st Street) reserved for alternate uses such as retail, storage, bike rental and repair.

Recognizing that ONEderment Central is designed to be sustainable, the parking level will provide priority parking for  bicycles/tricycles, and slow speed electric vehicles including charging stations.

The garage area will be constructed to encourage re-purposing to other use (such as a fitness center) as transportation modes change and the required parking space can be reduced.

One of the primary alternative uses for the garage will be as an emergency shelter in case of a natural disaster. Solar power on all the buildings and innovate power storage technology will be incorporated to make the site independent of the electrical grid for limited periods.

At the same level as 51st Street, the parking garage will also have the potential for significant retail space facing North and fronting on the new 51st Street sidewalk to complement the City of Austin plans for the redevelopment of 51st Street Corridor. 

See the section on Retail Space. 

You can visit our presentation document, The Book

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