Public Space

Open courtyards in each block with innovative shade treatments. This is the space where people mingle.

  • Central courtyard in each block that are open to the public
  • Sidewalks expansive enough to share tables, walking, and riding
  • Fountain Plaza with permeable surfaces including natural turf
  • Each courtyard will have a special “character” but all courtyards will be public space, easily accessed and visible from the central square. 

The following numbers are first estimates and do not represent the final plans for the public space. 

  • Public space is organized around the square, courtyards on three blocks and invitingly wide sidewalks. 
    • Three courtyards with 56,225 sq ft total public space will have facilities for gathering, game playing and window shopping in the retail spaces.
    • The main square with a signature fountain will have 8,100 sq ft of space to gather and mingle.
    • Sidewalks on the interior streets will be designed to prioritize pedestrian wandering and indicate to motorists that they are guests in this space. Search “Woonerf” for a discussion of this kind of space.
    • WoonerfWoonerf 2
  • Connecting all the buildings is a matrix of 30 foot wide “Paseos” that provide passage through the space, space to congregate, and shaded places to loiter. 

What are the needs this public space is designed to meet? 

  • Space for local residents and neighborhoods to gather, mingle and interact with each other in a casual setting with trees and plants.

You can visit our presentation document, The Book

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