Long-Term Care

Care For All Ages

When we think of assisted living we generally visualize an older person who is beginning to fail either physically or mentally. But each of us can require assistance for various reasons at any age. 

  • A child born with a disability, either physical or mental, may require assistance or even full time care. 
  • A serious automobile crash can cause a life altering injury that incapacitates an individual for a significant period of time of potentially for a lifetime. 
  • A fall on stairs of just in the kitchen can mean days or weeks of rehabilitation.
  • As the ability to remember to take medication at the proper time becomes and issue, care of some form becomes imperative. 

Each of us, for whatever reason, that needs some form of assistance should be able to remain in the community with our loved ones and our support group. 

We have hospitals and emergency care facilities in the neighborhood, now we need longer term care facilities. 

Sustaining our Neighbors

Each of the four blocks will have a residential health care building (equivalent to those of The Green House Project) with mixed use on the ground level and two floors of residential care facilities above. 

A new model for health care, The Green House Project provides focused groups of residential rooms gathered around a central cooking/eating/meeting area with 24/7 attendants. 

In ONEderment Central there will be 12 living units on each floor and 8 floors in 4 buildings giving a total of 96 spaces. Each floor will be specialized to serve one of the four areas:

  • Assisted Living 
  • Rehabilitation
  • Memory Care
  • End-of-Life

However, each floor is flexible and can be transitioned to serve any of the four needs as demand changes. This facility is designed to provide true aging-in-community options for Mueller and East Austin residents. 


Research has clearly identified isolation in later years as an important factor in reducing the quality and even the length of life. 

The nearest re-hab facility to Mueller is at Buckner Villas which is over 7 miles away. The nearest assisted living facility is Parsons, over 3 mile away. 

Once a resident moves out and visiting by former neighbors requires getting in a car or getting a shared ride, the isolation of the individual will likely increase.

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