Retail Space

Space for all the necessities for all ages so residents and community members reduce the cost of transportation related to just living.

  • Health Related
    • Fitness
    • Pharmacy
    • Medical/Social Worker
    • Dental
    • Ob-Gyn
    • Pediatric
    • Family Practice
  • Groceries
  • Restaurants: Local companies using locally sourced products
  • Open space adaptable for start-ups and collaborative working
  • Work “Hubs” with tools and available expertise for bicycle maintenance, small appliance repair, wood working, and electronics

Who will set up shop here?

  • The space will be designed to be flexible and easily modified to allow start-ups to “test” the market for a period before signing long term contracts. 
  • This space is intended to allow ONEderment Central to be an urban laboratory to better understand the changing markets and technology. 

The following numbers are first estimates and do not necessarily represent the final plans for the retail space. 

  • Retail space will share the ground floor store fronts with office space. A total of 79,200 sq. ft. of flexible space is available on the ground level of all the buildings and on the street level along 51st Street.

What are the needs this retail space is designed to meet? 

Create flexible space for innovative and collaborative efforts. Make space for incubators: 

  • Provide most of the needs of the residents within in walking distance.

You can visit our presentation document, The Book

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